How training and coaching can impact a million people ?

Being World's Largest Multilateral Agency, our client World Bank wanted to invest in building public procurement but the biggest challenge was the vast number of people involved in the process of procurement were not trained & there was no uniformity of expectation in this context. C&K being a solution-centric agency created a global program around e-learning located in multiple cities over 190 countries. We were successful in building a multi-lingual & flexible program that cut-across the barriers of language & geography to uncover the most complex & diverse topics resulting in 112,261 learners who were enrolled for various programs with 14,627 certified & 38,495 undergoing their chosen program.

Solution-Centric Driven

Being a solution-centric agency, we understood the underlying factors of language, flexibility & geography surrounding the problem to develop a result-oriented strategy. This insight & knowledge enabled us to translate the board room plans into real-life global execution by building the program in multiple international languages (English, Arabic, French, Hindi, Portuguese, Russian & Spanish), blended learning format & in self-study MOOC format to provide convenience and flexibility through self-learning and reflective activities which helped us generate the desired impact of 124,883 registered individuals from over 190 countries for our client.

Client First Approach

We believed in the client's desire for improving efficiencies in public procurement around the world & delivered results for them through our technologically backed flexible & multi-lingual program with the ongoing 24x7 support to develop solutions for improving the program's effectiveness. Importantly, we were fully technology agnostic and able to work with our client's preferred technologies and platforms.

Executing The Plan With The Experts

Our global team of leading strategists, engineers and analysts collaborated with the client to build an integrated solution by setting up a platform ( with an open-source Learning Management System (LMS), Moodle with a highly customized framework to provide the specifications for the learning portal to conduct blended training, webinars, forums, and expert chats.

An Idea That Impact Lives

The efforts of C&K & client’s endeavor has resulted in a total of 539,698 visitors & 124,883 individuals from over 190 countries have registered. Currently, 112,261 learners are enrolled for various programs with 14,627 certified and 38,495 undergoing their chosen program. The Learner Support team has handled over 45,000 queries through live chats, emails and over the phone, resolving queries and motivating learners to sustain.

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