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This is Akhil Kapoor

I am a digital psychologist, marketer, data storyteller & mental health activist from Bombay. Would love to share my journey from delivering dabbas to happiness. My purpose is to impact billion lives. You can join me on this journey to impact people with kindness & care.

Impact a billion lives

Starting my career in corporate communications to digital marketing what drives me as a human is to make an impact for and within the organisation. Working for clients like World Bank, UNICEF, Google, CII, Government Of Madhya Pradesh and others has given me an opportunity widen my wisdom and capabilities. 

Whether it was impacting over 100 million people through Anganwadi Shiksha with GIZ or leading digital awareness with Google's Digital Unlocked program in India I marked my career in consulting with TMI Group which helped to work with clients like United Health Group, Axis Bank, RBL Bank & others. Than working with Vernacular Tech Advertising startup help me leverage AI for Vernacular Campaigns, Programmatic Buying and other technologies for CII, Ayushprana, Government Of Telangana, AMB Cinemas and others. Currently working for Apollo Hospitals Enterprise Limited as a Digital Marketer I am driving growth for Apollo Hospitals to touch a billion lives.

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